May 1-May 5

Hello! Yes, this blog is still active. Things have been crazy due to GA Milestones testing, but since the test is finally over… the blog is finally being updated!

We have moved on to our unit on Greek Mythology. For this unit, it would be extremely helpful and beneficial for each student to have a folder or small binder to keep their notes/assignments in during this unit.

**NOTE**: Due to copyright issues, I cannot post digital copies of any Greek mythology assignment on my blog. Please email me or see me for an additional copy of assignment if needed!

Monday: Students read the myth of Kronos and Zeus. Complete 7 note cards on the following characters: (On the note card please include- name, symbol, and 2 sentences describing the person)

  • Chaos
  • Titans
  • Zeus
  • Rhea
  • Hera
  • Poseidon
  • Hades

Tuesday: Students will read the story of Medusa and complete 3 tasks related to her story (read and respond comprehension questions, “The Penalty” assignment, and a reflect and rewind assignment).

Wednesday: Students will read the story of Psyche and Eros and complete 3 tasks related to this story.

Thursday: Students will read the story of Narcissus and Echo. After, they will complete an Instagram assignment (not literally on Instagram) for each character.

Friday: Mythology Bingo!


April 10-April 14

Week at at Glance:

Monday/Wednesday- This week is dedicated to reviewing the different text structures that can be found in informational passages. Students will review the different types by watching a Flocabulary, BrainPop, and completing various practices to ensure understanding.

The links below will be used to review text structure:

Thursday: Students will practice completing constructed response questions in a “Round Robin.”

Friday: Libray


March 27- March 31


Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students spent the class period finishing up their Shark Tank presentations from last Friday (BTW, these were AWESOME!).  After, students reviewed the 4 types of conflict we learned in the very beginning of the school year by viewing movie clips and having discussions about the types of conflicts each clip represented. Then, students completed conflict task cards.

Tuesday: We are still reviewing the type of conflict. Classes that did not finish their task cards will finish. After, students will read 12 passages and identify the type of conflict. Then, they will pick 2 of the passages and create an Instagram picture illustrating the type of conflict represented. IF YOU DID NOT FINISH AND TURN IT IN, IT IS HOMEWORK AND DUE WEDNESDAY!

Wednesday: Review of the types of conflicts by playing review basketball/Kahoot!

Thursday: SHORT conflict quiz. After, students will review the parts of the plot diagram by watching a Pixar animation and filling out a plot chart.

Friday: Plot practice with Pixar animations.

Assignments due by this Friday:

  • Conflict task cards (assignment given Monday)
  • Conflict Instagram assignment (assignment given Tuesday)
  • Pixar Plot practice (assignment given Thursday)

March 20-March 24

Week at a Glance:

Monday- Students refreshed their memory on pronouns by taking short notes, watching a Flocabulary (one of my favorite ones!), and practicing with a partner.

Tuesday- Students finished their pronoun review and were given time to work on their Shark Tank mini-presentations.

Wednesday- Library to work on Shark Tank mini-presentations.

Thursday/Friday- Begin presenting Shark Tank ideas.



March 13-17

Week at a Glance:

For the next couple of weeks, we will be reviewing concepts previously learned in preparation for the GA Milestones. Last week our focus was point of view.  This week our focus is argumentative writing.

Monday– “Catch-up day” since Ms. Colacicco was out on Friday. Students took a point of view quiz and finished the POV stations.

Tuesday– Students will review the steps of RACE and practice using a Pixar animation. After, students will review argumentative vocabulary and complete a “Gab and Go Claim” activity. Finally, students will read the below article on school lunch periods and practice finding a claim and evidence to support that claim.

Short lunch periods don’t serve students’ needs

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday- Students will participate in argumentative review stations. The stations will review argumentative vocabulary, how to correctly cite evidence in an argument, how to write an effective counter-claim, and how to draft a strong claim statement.


Assignments due by Friday (3/17):

  • Weekly warm-up sheet
  • “Gab and Go Claim” activity
  • Argumentative review stations
  • RACE Pixar practice

March 6-10

Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students are reviewing previously learned concepts in preparation for the Milestones. This week, students are working on reviewing different narrative points of view (1st person, 2nd, person, 3rd person limited, and 3rd person omniscient). Students took notes on POV and worked in partners analyzing different POVs in various passages.

Tuesday: Students continued to analyze POV in a variety of passages.  After, they completed POV task cards.

Wednesday/Thursday: POV stations

Friday: POV quiz and library




February 27-March 3

Welcome back! 33 more school days until spring break!

Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students will be introduced to and work on the mood/tone movie poster assignment. mood-and-tone-movie-poster

Tuesday: Students will finish their mood/tone movie poster, students will participate in a mood/tone review game, students will receive a small mood/tone study guide in preparation for their quiz. mood-and-tone-study-guide

Wednesday: Students will take their mood/tone quiz. After, they will begin comparing and contrasting the mood of two passages.

Thursday: Students will finish comparing and contrasting the mood of two passages from yesterday.

Friday: Students will play “Utter Nonsense”(a mood/tone game).


Image result for is it almost spring break picture