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January 30-February 3

Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students finished their Monster body biographies.

Tuesday: Students will complete a figurative language review in preparation for Friday’s test.

Wednesday: Review basketball

Thursday: Review Kahoot!

Friday: Figurative language/poetry/Monster test.

Assignments due this Friday:


January 23-January 27

Week at a Glance:

Monday: “Housekeeping day”- since I was out Thursday and Friday of last week, students will work on getting caught up on assignments from last week.

Tuesday: Monster character analysis sheet- students will complete a character analysis sheet describing ways the characters have changed over the course of the novel. This is a pre-assignment that must be complete before students start their Body Biographies on Wednesday.

Wednesday: Students will create a Body Biography based on 1 character in Monster.

Thursday: Students will finish their Body Biographies. Because the Body Biography may take longer, there will be NO MONSTER CHARACTER QUIZ this week.

Friday: Library visit and review Limericks and Haiku.

Assignments due this Friday:


Check out this book trailer for Monster-


January 17-20

Week at a Glance:

Monday: NO SCHOOL!

Tuesday: Students will begin reading our class novel, Monster. They will read the intro and chapter 1 answering comprehension questions as they read.

Wednesday: Students will learn more about limericks (origin, purpose, structure). They will also try their hand at creating their own!

Thursday/Friday: Students will read chapters 2 and 3 of Monster. They will be given chapter questions for chapter 2 and 3 but they are not due until next week.

Assignments due this week:

  1. Poetry notes (see last Friday’s blog post)
  2. Monster Intro and Chapter 1 Questions- monster-intro-to-chapter-1-questions
  3. Limerick Practice- limerick-practice


Please check the online grade book weekly!

January 11-13

Week at a Glance:

Monday and Tuesday: No school due to ice!

Wednesday: Students will discuss different types of figurative language, see power point below if needed.  After, students will be introduced to the semester novel study, Monster by Walter Dean Myers.  Students will complete a pre-reading assessment and learn a little about the author by completing a flow map on this life.

Thursday: Students will take notes on different types of poetry. After, we will begin reading Monster.

Friday: Library Day (see below for link)

  • Using the note sheet I provided you, please read the PowerPoint on poetry types and complete the note sheet. We will discuss these notes on Tuesday (January 17).
  • poetry-notes-ppt

Important Announcements- 

  • Homeroom parents/guardians: Please return the brown envelop signed that was sent home with your child’s report card last Friday.
  • All parents/guardians: In order to improve the communication from classroom to home, I will be sending out weekly email blasts to inform you and your student of assignments that will be due that week. The email will be sent out each Monday (most likely in the afternoon) and will list the assignments that will be graded for the week. Sometimes, the online grade-book can seem retroactive.  By informing you of weekly assignments ahead of time, I’m hoping student’s will be successful throughout each quarter.

Figurative Language PowerPoint: figurative-language-powerpoint

Walter Dean Myers Autobiograph: walter-dean-myers-background-info

Walter Dean Myers Flow Map (due Friday, January 13th):  wdm-flow-map

Monster Pre-Reading Assessment (due Friday. January 13th): monster-pre-reading

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Copy and paste the above URL into Google. Complete the quest!

December 12-16

Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students will use what they learned about RACE and apply it to a real constructed response question. After, they will work on their reading assessment (see choice board below). This assessment is due Thursday, December 15.

Reading Assessment Choice Board: reading-assement-choice-board

Tuesday/Wednesday: Students will continue working with RACE as we gradually move to more challenging constructed response questions. Students will work on their reading assessment.

Thursday: In class work day to finish reading assessment choice board. DUE TODAY!

Friday: Library day!

This Week’s HW:


Image result for elf

December 5-9

Sorry this post is just now going up. It is my last week of grad school for the semester and things are a little hectic.

Week at a Glance:

Monday- Students read and analyzed the biography of Matthew Henson in our class literature book. While reading, they worked through a variety of reading comprehension questions and vocabulary. matthew-henson-guided-reading

Tuesday- Students participated in a mini lesson on simple, compound, and complex sentences, played Kahoot!, and reviewed FANBOYS.


Wednesday- Ms. Colacicco will be out in the morning. Students will complete a simple, compound, and complex mini packet. This will be used to replace 2 zeros in the grade book or as 2 additional assignments.

Thursday- Students will create mini flip books after reading short biographies. This will be a project grade.

Friday- Finish mini flip books!

Bear with me these last few weeks before break!

Image result for almost to christmas break


November 28-December 2

Welcome back!

 Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students will refresh their memory on the differences between autobiography and biography by completing a guided reading activity (due Tuesday at the end of class). See below for the attachment. After, students will play a Kahoot! reviewing information on autobiography and biography.   auto-bio-guided-reading

Tuesday:Students will complete an autobiography/biography round robin activity analyzing different parts of autobiographies and biographies on various people. See below for attachment. auto-bio-round-robin

Wednesday: Spelling Bee!

Thursday: Due to the science field trip, this day will be used to complete any work from earlier this week (autobiography/biography round robin, etc.).

Friday: Library visit

This week’s HW: hw-16



November 14-18

Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students will type their argumentative essays in the computer lab. The rough draft should have been finished last week. No additional time will be given to work on the rough draft.

Tuesday: Students will review the difference between an autobiography and a biography. They will take notes, complete an interview with a partner, and practice writing a biography.

Wednesday: Students will be able to describe where a memoir falls on the autobiography-biography spectrum. They will brainstorm ideas for personal memoirs.

Thursday: Students will compete in a class Spelling Bee to determine the 6B finalist! The school Spelling Bee is on December 2 at 9:30 am.

Friday: Students will complete a pronoun review packet and make pronoun pizzas!

This Week’s Homework: NO POW, ONLY WEEKLY HW SHEET: hw-15


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