Classroom Expectations/Syllabi

2018-2019 Language Arts Syllabi

2018-2019 Syllabi

Ms. Colacicco’s Classroom Expectations:

  1. When entering the classroom:
    1. Walk to your assigned seat.
    2. Copy your learning target into your agenda.
    3. Begin working on your warm-up.
  2. Throwing trash away:
    1. Raise your hand and ask for permission.
    2. Walk to the trashcan.
    3. Gently place trash in the trashcan.
  3. Food or Drink:
    1. You may drink water during class.
  4. Homeroom:
    1. You have an opportunity to go to your locker in the morning before coming to homeroom.
    2. If you arrive late, you must wait until after announcements to go to your locker.
    3. Once you are done at your locker, sit down at your desk, read silently, work on something academic, and wait for announcements.
    4. If you go to breakfast in the morning, please go before coming to homeroom.
  5. Speaking during class:
    1. If you would like to speak during class, please raise your hand and I will gladly call on you!
    2. Please refrain from calling out.  (Ms. Colacicco’s definition of TALKING (verb): your mouth is moving and there is any kind of sound coming out.  This includes: talking to yourself, talking to somebody else, whispering, singing, or making sound effects.)
  6. At the end of the class period:
    1. Clean up the area around your desk, put away all supplies.
    2. Throw away any trash.
    3. Sit quietly, until I dismiss you by row.
  7. Bathrooms:
    1. There are scheduled times to use the bathroom during the day.
    2. If you are leaving the classroom at any time, please sign out in the hall pass log and take a blue or yellow hall pass.
  8. Rewards:
    1. I love rewarding students for following directions!
    2. If you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, expect a reward!
    3. Often, I will email parents/guardians to brag about your behavior.

Three Basic Rules for an amazing year:

  1. Follow the directions the first time given
  2. Raise your hand and wait for permission
  3. Show respect for your peers, all adults, and yourself

*See student agenda for ECMS P.B.I.S


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