November 6-10

November 6-10

Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students are continuing their novel study of the book Walk Two Moons by analyzing the two main characters, writing an explanatory paragraph comparing/contrasting the characters, and exploring the plot and subplot of the novel while making prediction and inferences.

2nd/4th periods- AWESOME JOB during your first lilt circle meeting last Friday. Each group came prepared and ready for an in-depth discussion about the novel. Today, you will prepare for your next meeting (Friday) by reading and working on your next job.


Tuesday: No school!

Wednesday: Students will complete activity 2.6 in the SpringBoard which focuses on the setting in Walk Two Moons. HW- Finish page 110.

2nd/4th- Work on jobs for lit circle meeting #2 (Friday!), continue reading Walk Two Moons.

Thursday: Students will go over activity 2.6 (which should have been completed for HW) while having an in-depth discussion about the novel thus far.  NO HOMEWORK.

2nd/4th- Students will complete finishing touches on job for lit circle meeting #2. Whatever is not finished in class will be homework!

Friday- Students will be given a short quiz on the characters of Walk Two Moons.

2nd/4th- Lit circle meeting #2!

Please consider donating pencils! You will be rewarded!



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