October 30-November 3

October 30-November 3

Week at a Glance:

All students are starting the unit 2 novel study, Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech. While we do have a class set of novels, please feel free to purchase your own!


1st/3rd-Students practiced completing double-entry journals with an article from the Scholastic Scope magazine.

2nd/4th- Double entry journal (9 entries)


Tuesday: All students will continue reading Walk Two Moons.

2nd/4th- Overview of Lit Circles (just general info… not starting until Wednesday!)


Wednesday: 1st and 3rd periods will complete a character analysis chart (pg. 103-104 in SpringBoard) for the character of Walk Two Moons.

2nd/4th Periods- begin lit circles, assign week 1 jobs, Q&A.

HOMEWORK- Finish charts on pages 103-104 in SpringBoard! (1st and 3rd ONLY)

Thursday: Students will listen to chapters 7-9 in class and prepare to complete an explanatory paragraph (see the bottom of page 104 for prompt).

2nd/4th- Lit circles


Friday: Continue working on explanatory paragraph (this is similar to a GA Milestones prompt).

2nd/4th- Lit circles



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