March 27- March 31


Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students spent the class period finishing up their Shark Tank presentations from last Friday (BTW, these were AWESOME!).  After, students reviewed the 4 types of conflict we learned in the very beginning of the school year by viewing movie clips and having discussions about the types of conflicts each clip represented. Then, students completed conflict task cards.

Tuesday: We are still reviewing the type of conflict. Classes that did not finish their task cards will finish. After, students will read 12 passages and identify the type of conflict. Then, they will pick 2 of the passages and create an Instagram picture illustrating the type of conflict represented. IF YOU DID NOT FINISH AND TURN IT IN, IT IS HOMEWORK AND DUE WEDNESDAY!

Wednesday: Review of the types of conflicts by playing review basketball/Kahoot!

Thursday: SHORT conflict quiz. After, students will review the parts of the plot diagram by watching a Pixar animation and filling out a plot chart.

Friday: Plot practice with Pixar animations.

Assignments due by this Friday:

  • Conflict task cards (assignment given Monday)
  • Conflict Instagram assignment (assignment given Tuesday)
  • Pixar Plot practice (assignment given Thursday)

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