April 30-May 4

sWeek at a Glance:

Monday-Friday: Students received their final project for language arts. This project will be worked on for the rest of the week IN CLASS. While the majority of this project will be done inside the classroom, using materials I provided, students are encouraged to work on it at home if needed. This project is due FRIDAY, MAY 4 AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH CLASS PERIOD.

IMPORTANT– This is not the LAST GRADE ever of the entire year. It IS the last TEST GRADE of the year. This means this assignment can make or break your grade.  If you are not happy with the current grade you have, you need to do your absolute best on this assignment.  If you neglect to complete this project, your grade will drop dramatically.  Also, when Friday rolls around, please don’t tell me you had no idea this assignment was due. It was on the board the entire week.

SIDE NOTE– I am in the process of putting grades into the online gradebook. Please be patient 🙂



April 23-April 27

Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students completed SpringBoard activity 4.6.  They were responsible for completing questions 1-5.

HW- questions 1-5

Tuesday-Wednesday: Students worked on 3 Shakespeare assignments. Because of copyright issues, I cannot post attachments of these assignments to the blog. I have PLENTY of additional copies in the classroom if needed. The assignments were:




Thursday-Friday: Students will watch the A&E biography of William Shakespeare. With this biography, they will have a question sheet to fill out while watching.

NOTE- I will not be here this Friday. 

OTHER NOTE- There are many of you who never turned in your Escape the Classroom Milestone Review answer sheet from before Spring Break. If you’re wondering why your grade dropped, that assignment is the culprit.  I received MULTIPLE in every class without names (SMH).  See me if you believe one of the no-name papers might be yours.

April 16-April 20

Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students will begin to learn about the life and works of the great William Shakespeare. Students will take quick intro notes (with a guided note sheet) to learn about Shakespeare’s life before he became one of the greatest literary figures. After, students watched a Flocabulary about Shakespeare and participated in a “Shakespearean Insult” duel (quite possibly the funniest thing we’ve done this year).


Shakespeare PowerPoint for notes: shakespeare notes  

Tuesday: Students will unpack the first embedded assessment for unit 4 (see below for the actual prompt):

snip 3

Students will explore the argument that Shakespeare should/shouldn’t still be taught in schools by reading an article outlining the pros/cons of the controversy. We will read the article, “Shakespeare dumbed down in a comic strip for bored pupils” (SB page 259) first. Students will complete the text-dependent questions (1-7) on pages 261-261.

TUESDAY’S HW- Finish text-dependent questions 1-7 in your SpringBoard.

Wednesday: REVISED– WE ARE A DAY BEHIND. THIS WILL HAPPEN ON THURSDAY. Students will complete SpringBoard activity 4.3- “Shakespeare and His Society” which outlines the information about Shakespeare. Students will read an informational text titled, “Shakespeare’s Life” and complete the text-dependent questions on pages 265-267.

WEDNESDAY’S HW- Finish text-dependent questions from above.

Thursday-Friday: Students will watch a biographical film about William Shakespeare.

*GA Milestones testing is over for 6th grade, HOWEVER, there is still testing going on in the building for 7th and 8th grades.  As a result, the schedule has been altered to fit the needs of the individuals testing.

Gradebook note- if you never turned in your ESCAPE ROOM answer packet, that is the reason your grade dropped. I received many without a name! Come see me if you believe yours was a no-name.

April 9-April 13

Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students spent today practicing an “extended constructed response” GA Milestones question. Students had to read 2 passages and then formulate an argumentative essay using the topic and information in the two passages. I tried to make this as “real” as possible, offering very little help in preparation for the big days of testing ahead!

Tuesday-Friday: GA Milestones begin Tuesday (4/10). As a result, the daily schedule will be altered to fit the needs of the Milestones test each day.  Some days, classes may meet for a shorter amount of time than usual.  Because of this, there will not be as much classwork.


Students have been working SO HARD all year to prepare for the GA Milestones.  As the test days are finally upon us, I wanted to offer some test taking strategies, tips, and encouragement!

  • Go to bed early! Do not stay up late playing Fornite or Granny… 🙂
  • Eat breakfast- it gets your brain going.
  • Make sure you get to school on time.  If you show up late or not at all, you will have to participate in re-takes next week.
  • While testing, if you feel nervous- DON’T BE! You have learned so much this year and will do great.  Take a deep breath, count to 10, and continue working.
  • Block out all distractions. Focus on the question in front of you.
  • Don’t worry about the people around you taking the test.  If someone finishes before you, it isn’t that big of a deal.  Use ALL of the time given to you!
  • If you finish with extra time, check over your work!
  • Skip questions that are stumping you and come back at the end.
  • Use the process of elimination on multiple choice questions.
  • Read the questions first before reading the passage and mark the text while you’re reading!
  • This is only a test to see what you’ve learned this year.  This doesn’t define who you are as a person. 

Stay tuned for specific assignments from this week.  Like I said, things will be spotty in many classes due to altered schedules and testing. 



March 26-30

Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students participated in a “GA Milestones” review packet.  This packet was done completely in class and reviewed various skills, concepts, and knowledge learned earlier in the year.


Tuesday: Students practiced writing summaries for both informational and fictional texts.  We read a NewsELA article regarding the “March For Our Lives” and a fictional story called “The Breakout.”  With teach piece, students were required to complete a 5 sentence summary.  NOTE- students, a summary is not an opinion statement.

Tuesday HW- NONE.


WEDNESDAY HW- DO NOT lose your escape room materials. You will need them on Friday.

Thursday: field trip to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium 🙂


Friday: Finish escape room. Happy Spring Break!



March 19-23

Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students will complete 2 constructed response practice prompts as we prepare for the GA Milestones.  Students must use the RACE strategy we have been practicing as they answer each prompt.  The prompts are over the Pixar animations titled “Lifted” and “Glued.”  Feel free to look them up on YouTube!

Pixar RACE Practice

MONDAY’S HW- none due to excessive students out for LGPE. 

Tuesday: Students will review the different types of point of view by viewing a Flocabulary and participating in POV Basketball. Students who DO NOT wish to participate in POV Basketball will complete a POV review sheet.

Tuesday’s HW- none

Wednesday: Students will review author’s purpose and theme by participating in task cards.

Wednesday’s HW- tbd.


Friday: Library for check out

March 12-16

Week at a Glance:

We are entering review mode in preparation for the GA Milestones in April! We will spend the next few weeks reviewing previously learned concepts.

Monday: Students took brief notes about the RACE strategy.  After, students completed 2 RACE practice sheets. HW- finish RACE practice sheets (3rd period– you only have to complete the sheet with 4 questions).  Due to copyright issues, I cannot post these two assignments. See me tomorrow for additional copies.

Tuesday: Students will review the 4 types of conflict by participating in guided notes, viewing movie clips, and completing a conflict worksheet. HW- FINISH CONFLICT WORKSHEET (3rd period– no homework)

Conflict Notes REVIEW ppt.   

Wednesday: Students will continue reviewing the 4 types of conflict by participating in task cards.  Students will not be able to finish these task cards at home because they are a class set (they are also taped around the classroom). Therefore, students will get time Thursday to finish up the task cards. HW- none.


Thursday: Students are taking everything we’ve reviewed this week (RACE and types of conflict) and using it to practice answering a constructed response questions.  Students will view the Pixar animation “Lou” and respond to one constructed response practice question using a “flee map” as a guide.  See below for further information:


After responding to the practice constructed response question, students will have 3 options to complete.  See below for further information:





This announcement was verbally spoken in ALL class periods today (Monday, March 12) and it was on the SmartBoard: if you received a grade recovery packet from me at any point last week, it is due. It was technically due TODAY… but if you have it TOMORROW, I WILL TAKE IT!