January 16-20

January 16-20

I hope everyone had a wonderfully, long weekend!

Week at a Glance:


Tuesday: Students read “Saying Farewell to a Faithful Pal” in the SpringBoard. After, students completed questions 1-5 (1st and 3rd periods) or 1-6 (2nd and 4th periods).

HOMEWORK- finish whatever you did not finish in class. You should have written this down in your agenda because each class was assigned different tasks.

Here are my “clues” for questions 1-5:


Wednesday: Students will read a passage called “Dogs Make Us Human” in the SpringBoard and complete questions 1-6 on pages 154-155. HOMEWORK- tbd.

Thursday: Students will watch specified clips from the movie Temple Grandin in which they will analyze ways animals impact humans (SpringBoard 157-158). HOMEWORK- tbd.

Friday: Library for check out.


January 9-12

January 9-12

First and foremost, I need to congratulate THE University of Alabama (my alma mater) for winning the college football national championship in which they took the Dawgs to the house of pain.  ROLL TIDE!


Week at a Glance:

Monday: no school because the Tide rolled over the Dawgs (or there was “ice”)…  🙂

Tuesday: Students are working toward writing a multi-paragraph explanatory essay for embedded assessment #2 of unit 2.  While we won’t be writing this essay for another couple of weeks, students are preparing to write by learning about hooks, thesis statements, and what CHANGE can mean to an individual.  We completed SpringBoard pages 135-137. NO HOMEWORK.

Wednesday: Today, we focused our attention on writing an awesome introductory paragraph to this multi-paragraph essay.  Students participated in stations where they examined 6 quotes about change from influential figures, interpreted the meaning of the quote, and discussed whether or not they agree/disagree with the quote.  Additionally, students began drafting an introductory paragraph using a quote as a hook. NO HOMEWORK.

Thursday/Friday: Students will begin completing activity 2.15 in their SpringBoards.  This activity has students examining the change an animal can have on a human (both positive and negative) while answering comprehension questions. NO HOMEWORK.

A look at embedded assessment 2 (reminder- this is the END PRODUCT of unit 2… we are not completing the actual assignment at this moment in time):

ea 22


Enjoy your long weekend! 🙂


January 4-5

January 4-5

Although it is a short week, there is still homework!

Thursday: Students began unpacking embedded assessment #2 for unit 2 today in class.  While we are not starting this multi-paragraph essay until much later, it is always beneficial to know what our ending goal in the unit is going to be.  See below for what the prompt for EA #2 is:

ea 2

In class today, students worked in partners to unpack this assessment using an unpacking graphic organizer and page 164 (scoring guide) to assist them. Remember- you are to shorten each bullet point into “kid friendly” terminology.

FOR EXAMPLE- “integrates evidence from various sources…” can be shortened to- use a lot of evidence!


Vocabulary words for the QHT chart on the back of the graphic organizer:

  • thesis statement
  • introduction
  • nonfiction
  • conclusion
  • imagery
  • hook
  • fiction

Here are the directions to this entire assignment as they were posted in class on the board:


December 12-15

December 12-15


  • Please read the following if you are in my 1st, 2nd, or 4th periods:
    • Your embedded assessment #1 is due tomorrow.  If you did not get this accomplished in class the last 3 days, it is HOMEWORK due at the start of class tomorrow (Friday).
    • Remember, the flee map is your ROUGH DRAFT- not your final copy.  You must write your final copy on a sheet of notebook paper.
  • Please read the following if you are in my 3rd period:
    • Your embedded assessment #1 is due tomorrow.  If you did not get this accomplished in class the last 3 days, it is HOMEWORK due at the start of class tomorrow (Friday).
    • Your final draft is your completed flee map. FLEEMAPUnit2Assessment1
    • OPTIONAL- if you want to write your final draft on a sheet of notebook paper, you may.
  • If you need additional copies of the flee map, they are attached at the bottom of this post.



I hope everyone had a fun-filled day in the snow!

Week at a Glance:

Monday: SNOW 🙂

Tuesday: All classes began writing their rough drafts for embedded assessment #1 unit 2.  See the image below for more information.  Students are to pick ONE of the FOUR options given (expect for 3rd period– you are doing the first bullet point).


Here is the link for the flee map that will serve as your rough draft.  This rough draft flee map must be complete by THURSDAY.  FLEE MAP= Flee Map Graphic Organizer

Wednesday: Students will work on completing their rough draft flee maps in class.  The second half of class will be dedicated to a mini lesson about inserting quotations into writing the CORRECT WAY (we will use the nae nae song). Students will use the following worksheet: nae nae citations

Thursday: Students will participate in peer-editing and student-teacher conferences to get their final drafts FANCY. HW- Final draft of your embedded assessment #1 is due this FRIDAY.

Friday: Computer lab for winter SRI.

December 4-8

December 4-8

Week at a Glance:

Monday-Thursday: Students are spending the majority of our time this week finishing Walk Two Moons in order to prepare for embedded assessment #1 of unit 2.  After finishing the novel, students are analyzing the main character, Sal, for external and internal changes she faces.  Students will use the following chart to dissect her actions:

internal and external changes chart— this chart is due by Thursday! If you need to borrow a book, please come talk to me!

Here is the writing prompt for embedded assessment #1 (we will likely not start this writing until next week, but if anyone was wondering…):


November 27-December 1

November 27-December 1

Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students are still working diligently with our novel study, Walk Two Moons.  Today, classes reviewed the meaning of theme and figurative language as they completed an explanatory paragraph describing the theme of Walk Two Moons.


1st and 3rd periods only– please finish your flee map if you did not finish it in class!

Flee Map Graphic Organizer

Tuesday: All classes will complete activity 2.9 in their SpringBoards.  In this activity, students are going back to clips from the movie Up and analyzing these clips for setting, plot, character, and theme.


2nd and 4th periods- you will work on your lit circles for half the class period.


Wednesday/Thursday: All classes will complete activity 2.10 in their SpringBoards.



Friday: library for check-out


November 13-17

November 13-17

Wee at a Glance:

Monday: Students are still reading and working with our class novel study for unit 2: Walk Two Moons. 

1st and 3rd periods- Students worked on making predictions/inferences based on clues in the story, we also completed comprehension questions over chapters 1-11.

AC CLASSES- remember to have your jobs ready for meeting #3 this Wednesday!


Tuesday: Students will complete page 112 in their SpringBoard which introduces a new strategy: Questioning the Text.

questioning the text

AC CLASSES- Explanatory paragraph and work on jobs for meeting tomorrow.



Wednesday: Students will complete activity 2.8 in the SpringBoard (main focus: diction in Walk Two Moons). HW- to be announced

AC CLASSES- Lit circle meeting #3 and prepare for lit circle meeting #4.

Thursday: Students will finish activity 2.8 (diction) and complete an explanatory writing response.

AC CLASSES- Work on jobs for lit circle meeting #4 and complete diction writing response.


Friday: Thanksgiving writing activities.