September 17-21

September 17-21

We are almost to Fall Break! Everyone hang on!

Monday: Students will have today, tomorrow, and Wednesday IN CLASS to finish their final drafts of their personal narratives. All personal narratives must be turned in by the end of each class period on Wednesday, September 19. Students have worked on their personal narratives for over a week.  I will not accept late personal narratives. 

9-17-18 (Monday’s do-now)

9-17-18 agenda (Monday’s agenda)

Monday’s HW: if you think you need to work on your personal narrative at home, be my guest! 🙂

Tuesday: This is the second to last day to work on personal narratives IN CLASS! Please remember, if you feel like you need to work on your personal narrative at home, do it! Again, the personal narratives are due TOMORROW (WEDNESDAY THE 19TH).  

9-18-18 (Tuesday’s DO-NOW)

Tuesday’s HW: if you think you need to work on your personal narrative at home, be my guest! 🙂

Wednesday: students turned in their personal narratives! After, students worked on “flipped” theme notes (I have out the ppt. and students took notes).

9-19-18 (Wednesday’s DO-NOW)

9-19-18 agenda (Wednesday’s agenda)

Wednesday’s HW: none

Thursday: Students will complete an “escape room” about identifying theme in literature.

9-20-18 (Thursday’s DO-NOW)

9-20-18 agenda (Thursday’s agenda)

Thursday’s HW: none


September 10-14

September 10-14


Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students are prepping to write their personal narratives this week. We will focus on drafting rough drafts this week and students will prepare their final personal narrative next week. See below for the do-now and what students must include in their personal narratives.  These narrative are the first “big” writing assignment of the year and are worth a test grade.

MONDAY HW: finish your personal narrative graphic organizer (additional copies below)

Do-now template

PN Graphic Organizer #1 

PN Graphic Organizer #2  

9-10-18  9-10-18 agends

Tuesday: Students will continue working on their rough drafts of their personal narratives.  Additionally, students will look at 3 examples of personal narratives and analyze each sample (exemplary example, proficient example, and emerging example).



9-11-18 agenda

Wednesday: Students who are ready will begin the peer editing process using the checklist attached below. No student should be writing their final draft of their personal narrative YET as we still have some editing and revising to do! Additionally, students were able to sign up for a writing conference with me.

9-12-18 (Wednesday’s do-now)

9-12-18 AGENDA

Personal Narrative Peer Editing Checklist 

WEDNESDAY’S HW: NONE (make sure you bring all your personal narrative materials to class EVERY SINGLE DAY. If you leave your rough draft at home, you risk falling behind!)


9-13-18 (Thursday’s do-now)

9-13-18 agenda




ATTENTION: final drafts of personal narratives are due next WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 at the end of class. Students must turn in their graphic organizer, rough draft, peer editing checklist, and final draft.


September 4-7

September 4-7

What a crazy week! 

Monday: no school, Labor Day!

Tuesday: Ms. Colacicco was not here due to a teacher leadership conference. Students worked on a reading comprehension packet with the substitute. HW- NONE.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:  Students will be reading “The Jacket” by Gary Soto and analyzing the text for examples of sensory language and figurative language.  Students will be responsible for answers text-dependent questions inside their SpringBoard workbook as well as a chart that analyzes types of figurative language used in the passage (this is a separate sheet, not inside the workbook).

Do-now template 

The Jacket Chart (Modified)  (copy of the chart I mentioned above)

9-5-18 (Wednesday’s do-now)


9-6-18 (Thursday’s do-now)

Thursday HW- none

9-7-18 (Friday’s do-now)

Friday HW- NONE

August 27-31

August 27-31

Week at a Glance:

Do-now template

NOTE- we got a little behind last week, therefore, we are starting our week with what was planned last Thursday and Friday!

Monday: Students learned about characterization. To begin, students listened to Ms. Colacicco read a picture book called “The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors.” While reading, students discussed the character traits of rock, paper, and scissors! After, students took to their SpringBoard workbook and analyzed excerpts from the novel Flipped. Students were to annotate parts of the text where indirect characterization was evident. HW- NONE.

8-27-18 (If you missed Monday’s DO-NOW)

Tuesday: Students are finishing up analyzing Flipped in their SpringBoard workbook. After analyzing, students will be responsible for 2 assignments:

  1. Flipped character chart  
  2. See below

Character Cell Phone Activity

8-28-18  (If you missed Tuesday’s do-now)

Tuesday’s HW- NONE

Wednesday: Early release! Since classes are short, students will be finishing up the two assignments from yesterday. See above for specifics! Additionally, students will have a short writing prompt in their language arts notebook.

8-29-18  (If you missed Wednesday’s do-now)

Wed. tasks


Thursday: Students will explore the different types of point of view by examining fiction passages!

8-30-18 (If you missed Thursday’s do-now)

Thursday’s HW- NONE. 

August 20-24

August 20-24

Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students will complete the RI during class. Usually, the RI takes the entire class period. HW- NONE.


Do-now template <———–if you lost your DO-NOW sheet, click here!

RI GOAL FOR 6TH GRADE: 925-1070 by the end of the school year!

Tuesday/Wednesday: Over the next two days, students will read “My Superpowers” by Dan Greenburg (this is a text in their SpringBoard). Students will read this selection twice (the second time, they will annotate the text looking for certain things).  After, students will complete questions 1, 2, and 3 on page 18.  Additionally, students will respond to 2 writing prompts. See below for the writing prompts:



WEDNESDAY’S HW: make sure questions 1,2 and 3 are complete. Make sure the “NARRATIVE WRITING PROMPT” above is complete! The majority of this will be done in class… if you didn’t finish it in class IT IS HOMEWORK.

Thursday/Friday: Students will read an excerpt from Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen. Students will read this selection twice noting aspects about each character during the second read.  Students will be responsible for answering questions 1-10 on pages 23-27.  Most of this will be done in class over Thursday and Friday. HW-TBD.



August 6-10

August 6-10

Welcome to 6th grade ELA with Ms. Colacicco!

I look forward to getting to know all of you this year! Below is how my blog will look weekly, with attachments of any assignments, homework, and daily agendas! Email me at if you have any questions throughout the year!

Monday: All classes will visit the learning commons for an orientation with the librarian, Ms. Falthzik! HW- none

Tuesday: All classes will complete a unit 1 pre-test. This test is NOT an actual test grade, rather a way for me to see how much you know! Afterwards, students will work on their Colacicco Island posters. HW- none

Wednesday: Students will present their Colacicco Island posters.  After, students will begin a unit 1 scavenger hunt in their SpringBoard workbooks. HW- none

Thursday: If needed, students will finish their unit 1 scavenger hunt.  After students will work with unit 1 vocabulary terms by creating a QHT chart which classifies each word/definition. HW- finish QHT chart.

Friday: Students will begin activity 1.1 in their SpringBoard- preparing for the personal narrative.

April 30-May 4

April 30-May 4

sWeek at a Glance:

Monday-Friday: Students received their final project for language arts. This project will be worked on for the rest of the week IN CLASS. While the majority of this project will be done inside the classroom, using materials I provided, students are encouraged to work on it at home if needed. This project is due FRIDAY, MAY 4 AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH CLASS PERIOD.

IMPORTANT– This is not the LAST GRADE ever of the entire year. It IS the last TEST GRADE of the year. This means this assignment can make or break your grade.  If you are not happy with the current grade you have, you need to do your absolute best on this assignment.  If you neglect to complete this project, your grade will drop dramatically.  Also, when Friday rolls around, please don’t tell me you had no idea this assignment was due. It was on the board the entire week.

SIDE NOTE– I am in the process of putting grades into the online gradebook. Please be patient 🙂