November 12-16

November 12-16

We officially have one week until Thanksgiving break! We can do it! 🙂

Monday: Students in 1st and 3rd periods worked on a journal entry from Bryce’s point of view about a chapter we read previously in Flipped.  After, we continued listening to Flipped while having great discussion about the characters, conflict, and themes of the story! Students in 2nd and 4th periods were introduced to their Flipped lit circles! This year, students will be working in groups to discuss certain aspects of the book. Students will complete all discussions on Edmodo.

11-12-18 (all class do-now)

11-12-18 mini lesson(journal entry mini-lesson for 1st and 3rd periods)

page 32-62 questions and journal entry

NOTE-the link above is what 1st and 3rd periods worked on today. Students were only responsible for completing the journal entry side, not the side with 5 comprehension questions. Students turned in their journal entry at the end of class!

11-12-18 edmodo (2ND PERIOD ONLY)

11-12-18 edmodo 2 (4TH PERIOD ONLY)

Click the link below for the lit circle jobs and their descriptions:

Lit Circle Job Description Sheet 


  • 1st period left off on page 54.
  • 3rd period left off on page 63

MONDAY’S HW: 1st and 3rd periods have no homework, 2nd and 4th periods need to join our class on Edmodo and post a HELLO on the wall!

Tuesday: We continued our novel study of the book Flipped. Students in 1st and 3rd periods took a 10 question multiple choice comprehensive quiz over Flipped. After, students listened to the Flipped audio.

In 2nd and 4th periods, students were able to meet with their lit circle to determine jobs for this week.  Additionally, students began reading and preparing for their Edmodo lit circle post.

NOTE- for your lit circle, you must read to page 63 (chapter titled “The Eggs”) and complete your Edmodo post by midnight on Thursday 11/15.



TUESDAY’S HW: none, or work on your lit circle post in Edmodo (2nd and 4th periods only).

Students and parents, I apologize for the delay in updated the blog as I was out half of Wednesday and all of Thursday! 


flipped constructed response

The above assignment was done in class YESTERDAY (Thursday) with the sub.

FRIDAY: Students will continue reading Flipped while participating in discussion about the plot, characters, and conflicts that arise in each chapter. Additionally, students will complete a summarizing exit ticket for today’s reading. See exit ticket below:

Exit Ticket

Additionally, if you are in 2nd or 4th period, your first lit circle post on Edmodo is due TODAY. I look forward to reading all of your insightful commentary! 🙂

11-16-18 new

FRIDAY’S HW: have a wonderful break 🙂

UPDATE: 2nd and 4th periods are meeting with their lit circles to discuss jobs for post #2. Post #2 is due Friday, November 30. You must read to page 100 in Flipped.


November 5-9

November 5-9

Monday: Ms. Colacicco was out at a teacher training. Students completed a mini-assessment (reading comprehension check-in) with the substitute. This assignment was not homework and it is OK if students did not finish this in class!

Tuesday: NO SCHOOL.

Wednesday: Students will begin our novel study with the book Flipped. Again, I have class copies of the book, but if your student wants to purchase their own… go for it! Today, all 4 classes will begin the book via audio, however, as time progresses, 2nd and 4th periods will read independently and complete literature circles while 1st and 3rd periods continue to use the audio. I will do my best to post how far we got each day!11-7-18(1st and 3rd)

11-7-18 2(2nd and 4th)

day 1 flipped questions (1st and 3rd periods only)

2nd and 4th periods- I gave you a copy of your double-entry journal last week and you did not turn it in. If you need an additional copy, let me know. 


Thursday: Students in all classes continued to work with our class novel, Flipped.  We had some technical difficulties (with the audio) in a few classes today, so we did not accomplish as much as I originally anticipated.  In any event, we are slowly moving through the book and having great discussion along the way!

1st and 3rd- we mainly just read/discussed the book… we didn’t get to the chapter questions!

2nd and 4th- we continued reading and students input 4 journal entries into their double-entry journal!

11-8-18 (1st and 3rd)

11-8-18 2 (2nd and 4th)

1st period left off on page 35

2nd period left off on page 38

3rd period left off on page 49

4th period left off on page 38

Thursday’s HW: none


October 29- November 2

October 29- November 2

Monday: Students will turn in their final drafts of their short story. Additionally, students will preview unit 2 in the SpringBoard workbook by completing a “scavenger hunt” and defining and sorting unit 2 vocabulary words.


10-29-18 agenda

Unit 2 vocab words

NOTE- for some technology reason (that is beyond me), I cannot post the scavenger hunt! I have a ton of additional copies in the classroom, so if needed, please let me know!


Tuesday: Students will begin preparing for our unit 2 novel study (we will be reading Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen).  We probably won’t begin reading the novel until later in the week. I have a class set, but you are more than welcome to buy your own copy of the book. Fun fact- this book is a book I had to read for summer reading when I was in middle school and this book made me LOVE reading! Today, students will learn about internal and external forces of change as that is a major concept in the book Flipped.  We will learn about internal and external forces of change by viewing clips from Pixar’s Up (Ms. Colacicco might cry!).  With the clips, we will be discussing the forces of change Carl (the main character) faces. Students will be responsible for completing a chart that explains the forces of change while we watch the video clips. We will most likely have to finish this lesson tomorrow, so there is no homework.

10-30-18 OL (1st and 3rd period do-now)

10-30-18 ac (2nd and 4th period do-now)


2.2 modified chart (CHART FOR 1ST AND 3RD PERIODS)


Pixar’s UP movie clips

TUESDAY’S HW: none! Please bring back your chart so we can finish it tomorrow! 🙂

Wednesday: Students finished analyzing the changes in Carl (the main character of Up) by filling out their chart. After completing the chart, students took that information and turned it into an explanatory paragraph.

NOTE– 1st period just began watching the videos today… they are a little behind, so don’t worry.

10-31-18 2 (2nd and 4th do-now)

10-31-18 (1st and 3rd period do-now)

10-31-18 agenda

10-31-18 agenda 2 (3rd period did this today using the graphic organizer attached below. 1st period will be doing this tomorrow!)

explanatory writing paragraph graphic organizer

10-31-18 agenda 3 (2nd and 4th periods did this today)


Thursday: While each class is kind of in different spots, we are all focusing on writing explanatory paragraphs (and learning about how explanatory paragraphs are different than narrative writing).  Today, some classes are finishing the UP video clips with their graphic organizers and other classes are finishing their explanatory paragraphs for UP.  Additionally, either today or tomorrow, students will be previewing the novel study (Flipped) by completing a graphic organizer (attached below).


explanatory writing FLIPPED (book preview/writing practice)




October 22-26

October 22-26

This week, we are officially beginning the writing process with our short stories! Completed short stories are due MONDAY, OCTOBER 29!

Monday: Students will receive their short story information (requirements) and two graphic organizers to begin their writing process.


10-22-18 agenda

short story information 

short story brainstorm graphic

Who is your protagonist graphic organizer

MONDAY’S HW: none.

Tuesday: Students will continue working on their rough drafts for their short story.


10-23-18 1st and 3rd (agenda for 1st and 3rd periods)

10-23-18 2nd and 4th (agenda for 2nd and 4th periods)

SHORT STORY CHEAT SHEET (given to 1st and 3rd periods)

TUESDAY’S HW: make sure your 2 graphic organizers are DONE (short story brainstorm graphic and who is your protagonist graphic organizer; these were given Monday and worked on in class!)

Wednesday: students continued writing their rough drafts for their short stories. Rough drafts need to be completely finished by FRIDAY when you walk into class. If you feel like you need to work on your rough draft at home, be my guest! 🙂

10-24-18 1 (do-now for 1st and 3rd)

10-24-18 2 (do-now for 2nd and 4th)

10-24-18 agenda

WEDNESDAY’S HW: Again, if you feel like you need to work on your rough draft at home, do it! It must be completely finished by the time you walk into class Friday!

Thursday: Students are moving nicely with their short stories! Today, students who are ready will begin the peer editing process! Students are also able to sign up for a teacher conference. All rough drafts must be COMPLETE by tomorrow!


short story peer edit (this is what we are using in class!) 

**The short story peer edit will be turned in with your final draft, so don’t lose it!**

THURSDAY’S HW: finish your rough draft!

Friday: For the first half of class, we will be traveling to the library for book return/check out.  When we return back to the classroom, students will begin (or pick up where they left off from yesterday) the peer editing process using the peer editing checklist. I attached the peer editing checklist to my post from Thursday however, students were given copies of the editing checklist in class.



10-26-18 agenda

FRIDAY’S HW: finish your final draft of your short story… DUE MONDAY! 🙂 If you have access to a computer at home, feel free to type your final draft and email it to me over the weekend!






October 15-19

October 15-19

This week is conference week! Remember that school ends at 1:30pm for all students!

Monday: Students read “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” in their workbook and analyzed the story by examining different types of figurative language (similes, metaphors, and personifications).


10-15-18 vocab 1

10-15-18 vocab 2

10-15-18 agenda


Tuesday: Students created a movie poster and an advertisement for “The Treasure of Lemon Brown.”  See attachment below:

TOLB movie poster 


TUESDAY’S HW: none (unless you want to work on your movie poster/advertisement at home– not required).

Wednesday: Students continued to work on their movie poster.


WEDNESDAY’S HW: finish movie poster

Thursday: Students will read “The Fun They Had” in their workbooks.


10-18-18 agenda 1

10-18-18 agenda 2



October 8-12

October 8-12

Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students examined the word foreshadowing by reading the Greek myth, Daedalus and Icarus.


10-8-18 vocab

10-8-18 agenda


Tuesday: Students will examine events that make up a story (sequence of events) by reading the short story “Eleven” by Sandra Cisneros.


10-9-18 answers

10-9-18 vocabulary

10-9-18 agenda

10-9-18 agenda 2

TUESDAY’S HW: Finish flow map ONLY. 

Wednesday: Students are still working with “Eleven” by analyzing the sequence of events as well as the theme. Sorry for the confusion, but some classes yesterday did not get to the flow map in class!


10-10-18 agenda 1

10-10-18 agenda 2

flow map template

TwitterTemplate (has 3 templates but you only need to do 1 Tweet!)

WEDNESDAY’S HW: due to the shortened class period tomorrow, you will have a very limited time to finish these assignments tomorrow in class. If you would like to work on anything you didn’t finish, be my guest!

Thursday: Students will practice narrative writing by completing a writing prompt about “Eleven.”  In the writing prompt, the emphasis is dialogue between characters. See the agenda below!


10-11-18 agenda


NOTE- I will not be at school tomorrow (Friday).  There will be a sub, and students are expected to be on their best behavior and to show how ECMS students REP.  If there are any issues with behavior, an appropriate consequence will be given. Additionally, I will take this week’s do-now sheet on Monday when I return.  Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


October 1-5

October 1-5

Week at a Glance

Monday: Students will preview skills and concepts needed to score a proficient or higher on embedded assessment #2, writing a short story.


10-1-18 agenda

Vocabulary Frayer Model 

unpacking EA #2 visual 

MONDAY’S HW: if you didn’t finish your 4 frayer models OR your EA #2 visual, it is HOMEWORK. If you need another copy, they are attached above!

Tuesday: Students will begin analyzing the short story “Thank You M’am” by Langston Hughes.










Wednesday: Students are continuing to analyze “Thank You, M’am” by Langston Hughes. Today, students will focus their attention on the parts of plot.


10-3-18 agenda

10-3-18 writing


Thursday: Students will be working with the plot diagram again. Students will watch the animation “Partly Cloudy” as they practice identifying parts of plot.  Additionally, we will be finishing up things on our “to-do” list from yesterday (see above slides for full to-do list)!

Plot Diagram (this is the template we’ve been using in class)



Friday: 1st and 2nd periods will go to the library for the Book Fair preview and to check out or return library books. 3rd and 4th periods will do their Book Fair preview on Monday. All classes will complete a mini-assessment (not a test grade). Classes with excellent behavior will use the iPads to play Kahoot, Quizizz, or Quizlet Live games about “Thank You, M’am”.