November 13-17

Wee at a Glance:

Monday: Students are still reading and working with our class novel study for unit 2: Walk Two Moons. 

1st and 3rd periods- Students worked on making predictions/inferences based on clues in the story, we also completed comprehension questions over chapters 1-11.

AC CLASSES- remember to have your jobs ready for meeting #3 this Wednesday!


Tuesday: Students will complete page 112 in their SpringBoard which introduces a new strategy: Questioning the Text.

questioning the text

AC CLASSES- Explanatory paragraph and work on jobs for meeting tomorrow.



Wednesday: Students will complete activity 2.8 in the SpringBoard (main focus: diction in Walk Two Moons). HW- to be announced

AC CLASSES- Lit circle meeting #3 and prepare for lit circle meeting #4.

Thursday: Students will finish activity 2.8 (diction) and complete an explanatory writing response.

AC CLASSES- Work on jobs for lit circle meeting #4 and complete diction writing response.


Friday: Thanksgiving writing activities.




November 6-10

Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students are continuing their novel study of the book Walk Two Moons by analyzing the two main characters, writing an explanatory paragraph comparing/contrasting the characters, and exploring the plot and subplot of the novel while making prediction and inferences.

2nd/4th periods- AWESOME JOB during your first lilt circle meeting last Friday. Each group came prepared and ready for an in-depth discussion about the novel. Today, you will prepare for your next meeting (Friday) by reading and working on your next job.


Tuesday: No school!

Wednesday: Students will complete activity 2.6 in the SpringBoard which focuses on the setting in Walk Two Moons. HW- Finish page 110.

2nd/4th- Work on jobs for lit circle meeting #2 (Friday!), continue reading Walk Two Moons.

Thursday: Students will go over activity 2.6 (which should have been completed for HW) while having an in-depth discussion about the novel thus far.  NO HOMEWORK.

2nd/4th- Students will complete finishing touches on job for lit circle meeting #2. Whatever is not finished in class will be homework!

Friday- Students will be given a short quiz on the characters of Walk Two Moons.

2nd/4th- Lit circle meeting #2!

Please consider donating pencils! You will be rewarded!


October 30-November 3

Week at a Glance:

All students are starting the unit 2 novel study, Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech. While we do have a class set of novels, please feel free to purchase your own!


1st/3rd-Students practiced completing double-entry journals with an article from the Scholastic Scope magazine.

2nd/4th- Double entry journal (9 entries)


Tuesday: All students will continue reading Walk Two Moons.

2nd/4th- Overview of Lit Circles (just general info… not starting until Wednesday!)


Wednesday: 1st and 3rd periods will complete a character analysis chart (pg. 103-104 in SpringBoard) for the character of Walk Two Moons.

2nd/4th Periods- begin lit circles, assign week 1 jobs, Q&A.

HOMEWORK- Finish charts on pages 103-104 in SpringBoard! (1st and 3rd ONLY)

Thursday: Students will listen to chapters 7-9 in class and prepare to complete an explanatory paragraph (see the bottom of page 104 for prompt).

2nd/4th- Lit circles


Friday: Continue working on explanatory paragraph (this is similar to a GA Milestones prompt).

2nd/4th- Lit circles


October 23-27

Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students began previewing unit 2 in the SpringBoard workbook.  Students complete the QHT vocabulary chart which helped them identify which vocabulary words in the unit they are familiar/unfamiliar with.

  • Classwork- QHT chart with definitions, unpacking embedded assessment #1 (page 96 and 132).
  • Homework- Finish QHT chart and define the words you placed in the H and T column only.

QHT Chart 

Unit 2 vocab words

Tuesday: Students will look at what internal and external forces on a character means by analyzing clips from the movie Up and completing the chart on page 97 of the SpringBoard. 3rd period only– we will complete the unpacking embedded assessment #1 activity since we did not get to it in class.


  • Classwork- Up graphic organizer on page 97. (1st, 2nd and 4th periods only)
  • Homework- Finish Up  graphic organizer on page 97. (1st, 2nd, and 4th periods only)

Wednesday: Students will discuss their findings from the chart on page 97.  Additionally, they will complete the 2 mini activities on page 98 (Explanatory Writing and Writing to Sources: Explanatory Text).

2nd and 4th periods- your Monster dinner menu is due TODAY. See last week’s post for the directions.


snip 2

  • Classwork- Complete the 2 mini activities on page 98.
  • Homework- Finish the 2 mini activities on page 98.


Thursday: Students will work together to make predictions about the upcoming novel study, Walk Two Moons by completing a scavenger hunt using the novel.

  • Classwork- scavenger hunt
  • Homework- None.

Friday: Library for check out!

Library MobyMax directions:

1- Click this link. MobyMax  

2- If it asks for a school code it is… ga1645

3- Sign in as a student.  Your username is your lunch # and your password is your lunch #.

4- Click the icon that looks like books stacked against one another.

5- Start from the beginning and complete each of these categories:

  • Reading Level Assessment
  • Reading Stories
  • Reading Skills Literature
  • Reading Skills Informational
  • Language
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling List
  • Writing Workshop
  • Writing Assignments
  • Foundational Reading
  • Short Answers




October 16-20

This week is conference week (early release at 1:30!).  We are continuing our “mini” novel studies…

Week at a Glance:


1st/3rd- Continue reading “The Witches” and complete quick-write #2.

2nd/4th- Continue reading “Monster”.


1st/3rd- Students completed a character analysis on our two main characters using evidence from the novel to support their answers. This is not homework.

2nd/4th- Students were assigned the “Monster Dinner Menu” assignment. Click the link below for details! This is due NEXT WEDNESDAY.

Monster Dinner Menu (differentiation)


1st/3rd- Students will be given time to complete the character analysis sheet from yesterday. Then, they will complete a chapter summary/analysis sheet. HW- finish chapter summary.

2nd/4th- Continue working on dinner menu.


1st/3rd- Continue reading, mini-lesson on POV.

2nd/4th- Continue working on dinner menu. You MAY work on the dinner menu at home. Just know it is due next Wednesday! There is no official homework tonight.

Friday: Library for check out

PLEASE READ: Quarter 2 has started and some students are already missing assignments! Please check the online gradebook daily! I will accept any missing assignments.


October 9-13

Week at a Glance:

Monday-Tuesday: Students are working diligently to complete the final copy of their original short story. We have been working on these for over a week in class therefore, there should not be an excuse as to why yours isn’t completed! Today and tomorrow students will be in the computer lab typing their short stories (optional).  In addition, students completed peer editing checklists to ensure their short story met the requirements! HW- COMPLETED SHORT STORY IS DUE THIS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13. THIS IS YOUR ONLY HOMEWORK THIS WEEK! MAKE SURE YOU TURN IT IN! NO EXCUSES!

Short Story Peer Editing Checklist

Wednesday-Friday: Students will begin previewing an on-going “mini” novel study.

  • 1st and 3rd periods- you are reading “The Witches” by Roald Dahl.
  • 2nd and 4th periods- you are reading “Monster” by Walter Dean Myers

Monster                     the witches


  • Conference week is next week! Please make sure you know what date/time your conference is!
  • Literacy Night is this Thursday! Stop by ECMS at 6:30 for a fun night of games!
  • The Book Fair will be open this Thursday thru next Thursday. Stop by to purchase books!


Additional Info:

Each year, the state of Georgia has each school administer a survey to parents, students, and staff members that generates the School Climate rating that is tied to our school’s CCRPI score. Each school must have a 75% participation rate on the Georgia Student Health Survey 2.0 and the Georgia School Personnel Survey. Failure to meet the 75% participation rate on these two surveys will result in a 0.00 score; thereby, significantly reducing a school’s School Climate Star Rating. East Cobb is very proud of its 4-star rating and hopes to continue to improve upon this excellence in the future. To do so, we need your help in getting as many parents as possible to take the survey.

The Georgia Parent Survey
All parents are encouraged to participate in the Georgia Parent Survey because the data is used as part of the calculation of the School Climate Star Rating. Survey responses are anonymous and will be submitted directly to the Georgia Department of Education for analysis. The Georgia Parent Survey is also available in Spanish. Parents may select the Spanish version within the survey. Results from the Georgia Parent Survey will not be available to the public and will not be posted online. The Georgia Parent Survey link is posted below.
Georgia Parent Survey:

Parents may take the survey on a personal computer, smartphone, or tablet. For those without internet access, please contact Mike Chumley, our Parent Facilitator, to utilize a computer in the parent resource center, or you may visit your local library. The link to the survey may also be found at our website,

The Georgia Student Health Survey 2.0

Students at East Cobb Middle School will be taking the Georgia Student Health Survey 2.0 in their English/Language Arts classes as they visit the Media Center between now and the Thanksgiving holiday. Federal law requires that the student survey be made available for review by all interested parties; therefore, copies of the student survey may be reproduced and made available to parents or other parties upon request. Student survey results, copies of the student survey questions, and parent opt-out forms are available on the Georgia Department of Education webpage at Please return any opt-out forms to April Gwyn, Assistant Principal, via the front office.

Thank you!


October 2-6

happy fall

Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students read “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” in their SpringBoard, discussed the importance of figurative language in short stories (similes, metaphors, and personifications), and worked in partners to answer text-dependent questions.

1ST AND 3RD PERIODS ONLY– your homework is to finish questions 1-6 on pg. 81-82.

2ND AND 4TH PERIODS ONLY- your homework is to finish questions 1-12 (minus #7).

Tuesday-Wednesday: Students will read review what theme in literature means. We will do this by watching a few Disney movie trailers/music videos and discussing what the message/moral of each is.  After, students will read “The Fun They Had” in the SpringBoard.  Students will answer questions 1-3 on pg. 86-87.

Additionally, students began the brainstorming process for writing an original short story.  Each student was given a plot template to complete in the brainstorming process. If this template wasn’t finished in class, IT IS HOMEWORK DUE THURSDAY.


Thursday: Students will begin brainstorming for their own short stories. The FINAL DRAFT of these will be due NEXT Friday, October 13.  Until then, students will participate in a variety of “writing process” activities in order to develop their stories.

Friday: Library for check out!