March 19-23

Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students will complete 2 constructed response practice prompts as we prepare for the GA Milestones.  Students must use the RACE strategy we have been practicing as they answer each prompt.  The prompts are over the Pixar animations titled “Lifted” and “Glued.”  Feel free to look them up on YouTube!

Pixar RACE Practice

MONDAY’S HW- none due to excessive students out for LGPE. 

Tuesday: Students will review the different types of point of view by viewing a Flocabulary and participating in POV Basketball. Students who DO NOT wish to participate in POV Basketball will complete a POV review sheet.

Tuesday’s HW- none

Wednesday: Students will review author’s purpose and theme by participating in task cards.

Wednesday’s HW- tbd.


Friday: Library for check out


March 12-16

Week at a Glance:

We are entering review mode in preparation for the GA Milestones in April! We will spend the next few weeks reviewing previously learned concepts.

Monday: Students took brief notes about the RACE strategy.  After, students completed 2 RACE practice sheets. HW- finish RACE practice sheets (3rd period– you only have to complete the sheet with 4 questions).  Due to copyright issues, I cannot post these two assignments. See me tomorrow for additional copies.

Tuesday: Students will review the 4 types of conflict by participating in guided notes, viewing movie clips, and completing a conflict worksheet. HW- FINISH CONFLICT WORKSHEET (3rd period– no homework)

Conflict Notes REVIEW ppt.   

Wednesday: Students will continue reviewing the 4 types of conflict by participating in task cards.  Students will not be able to finish these task cards at home because they are a class set (they are also taped around the classroom). Therefore, students will get time Thursday to finish up the task cards. HW- none.


Thursday: Students are taking everything we’ve reviewed this week (RACE and types of conflict) and using it to practice answering a constructed response questions.  Students will view the Pixar animation “Lou” and respond to one constructed response practice question using a “flee map” as a guide.  See below for further information:


After responding to the practice constructed response question, students will have 3 options to complete.  See below for further information:





This announcement was verbally spoken in ALL class periods today (Monday, March 12) and it was on the SmartBoard: if you received a grade recovery packet from me at any point last week, it is due. It was technically due TODAY… but if you have it TOMORROW, I WILL TAKE IT!



March 5-9

Week at a Glance:


Some students were given a grade recovery packet either this Tuesday OR today (Friday).  If you received this packet, it is because you had 4 or more missing assignments in the gradebook.  If I gave you the packet on Tuesday, it was due to me TODAY as stated on the top of the packet (I also told you in class today and when I originally gave you the packet).  If you received the packet today, is it due no later than this coming Monday, March 12.

Monday: Students are beginning to prepare for the first embedded assessment of unit 3: a debate.  In class, students will read two articles pertaining to the topic of social media.  One article lists the pros, the other lists the cons.  After, students will complete 9 “text-dependent” questions.  See below for further information. HW: finish text-dependent questions.


Tuesday & Wednesday: Students will hammer out the final details in preparation for their debate.  Students will be responsible for “researching” both sides of the topic and using their research in the actual debate.  HW: finish graphic organizers (see below). Students were told IN CLASS what side of the debate they are on! 

Debate Graphic Organizer #1  

Debate Graphic Organizer #2 

Debate Graphic Organizer #3

Students must have each of the above graphic organizers filled out COMPLETELY (we did these in class) in order to get credit in the final debate.  This is my way of seeing how each student prepared. The other part of the debate grade is participation in the actual debate.

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY- dress in your best debate outfit tomorrow and Friday!

Thursday & Friday: DEBATE DAY! Students will be responsible for participating in the embedded assessment #1 debate. Student preparation, research, and participation is a TEST GRADE.


  • Students need to be checking the online gradebook DAILY.  I always allow students to complete any missing assignments from the current quarter for FULL CREDIT if the student asks me.  The end of QUARTER 3 is approaching… make sure you check your grades! YOU are the CEO of your education! It is your responsibility to keep track of missing assignments, late assignments, and staying in contact with your teachers regarding any concerns you have.



February 26-March 2

Week at a Glance:

Monday: Students reviewed unit 3 vocabulary by creating “Frayer Model” vocabulary templates on words we’ve learned from unit 3. For each word, students were asked to give a definition, synonym, antonym, and example. HW- NONE.





 Tuesday/Wednesday: Students will be introduced to the term ‘TONE’.  In language arts, this refers to the attitude of the writer towards his/her subject.  To better understand tone, students will write letters to Ms. Young (ECMS principal) asking her to change a rule or school policy.  Each student will write 2 letters.  One presenting their argument in a negative, rude tone and the other presenting their argument in a positive, informative tone.  After, the students will participate in the “Facebook Frenzy” task cards where Facebook statuses will be analyzed for tone.





Thursday/Friday- Students will complete SpringBoard activity 3.7 “A Graphic Is Worth A Thousand Words” on page 203. In this activity, students will evaluate the purpose of visual displays for communicating information (in a debate).  Students will read the news article titled “Print Almost Anything” and answer 8 text-dependent questions.  After, they will be responsible for creating their own graphic for an argument.  HW- tbd.


February 12-16

Week at a Glance:



  • Last Friday, progress report envelopes were sent home. If you are in my FIRST PERIOD ONLY, you need to return the envelope to me with a parent signature on the front.
  • Additionally, you need to bring back your Mercedes-Benz field trip permission slip. The SALMON colored permission slip needs to be completely filled out with $25 dollars.
  • The grades for embedded assessment #2 of unit 2 are live in the gradebook. If you see a ZERO, I have nothing from you. I did not receive any without names.  If you were absent the day these were turned in, it is your responsibility to turn yours in ASAP. Once again, we worked on the embedded assessment for an entire week IN CLASS.

Monday and Tuesday: Students are completing activity 3.4 in their SpringBoard.  In this activity, students are trying to answer the following question: what sport is more dangerous… football, dodgeball, or cheerleading? We will be reading 3 articles regarding the pros and cons of each sport.  After, students will complete text-dependent comprehension questions where they will analyze the reasons and evidence presented in each article.  Students will also watch a variety of news clips addressing each sport.

HOMEWORK- complete worksheet 3.4. This is due TUESDAY. SB 3.4 ( <— ADDITIONAL COPY)

Wednesday and Thursday: Students will participate in the great middle school debate: hot cheetos or takis? Which chip is better? Students will read two articles about the origin and nutritional value of each chip.  While doing this, students will make a claim, give reasons, and present evidence for their argument.

HOMEWORK FOR WEDNESDAY: (this was given in class–if you didn’t finish, it is HOMEWORK)

SB 3.5 part 1 

SB 3.5 part 2

Friday: Students will participate in the first classroom debate: hot Cheetos vs. takis. Each student will be responsible for making a claim, presenting reasons and evidence.

cheeto                                                     takis


February 5-9

Week at a Glance:

Monday: students are diving into Unit 3 “Changing Perspectives.”  This unit focuses our attention on argumentative writing and debates.  Today, students explored unit 3 vocab and analyzed what they will be doing for their first embedded assessment of unit 3.  HW- finish QHT/Unpacking chart.  See below for attachments.



unpacking graphic organizer— THIS IS DUE TUESDAY

Tuesday: Students will complete activity 3.2 in their SpringBoard where the “hot topics” of the unit will be introduced.  Students will participate in a “tug of war” activity. HW- TBD.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: Students will begin reading editorials and news articles regarding two of the “hot topics”  (activity 3.3 in SpringBoard). Students will analyze certain argumentative techniques used in each example. HW- TBD

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT- I am almost done grading all of the embedded assessments for unit 2! (expect these in the gradebook by Friday) Most students did a wonderful job.  You stayed on topic, used a plethora of evidence throughout your essay, and constructed clear and cohesive thoughts. There are multiple students in each class that turned NOTHING in (no rough draft, no final draft).  As a result, your first BIG grade of quarter 3 will be a ZERO. Students- I cannot explain how important it is that you stay on top of your assignments both big and small.  We worked on this assignment in class for an entire week. There is absolutely no excuse as to why you don’t have an assignment turned in. Furthermore, I applaud those who used class time wisely and followed the directions of the assignment.  Your hard work and effort showed in your final essays! 🙂

January 29-February 2

Week at a Glance:

Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday: students are working diligently on completing Embedded Assessment #2 for unit 2. This is the LAST BIG grade in unit 2, therefore it is imperative that students complete the assignment.  We have now been working on this for 3 days (in class).  The Embedded Assessment #2 is due this WEDNESDAY (1/31). What you will turn into me:

  • Flee map (this is your rough draft)
  • Peer Editing Checklist (given today 1/29)
  • Final Copy of EA #2 done on notebook paper

In addition, I will link ALL of the worksheets you were given to help you complete this assignment. See below for the links:

Flee Map Graphic Organizer

peer editing checklist

EA 2 checkpoints   (this assignment was done in class last week)



Thursday: unit 3 scavenger hunt

Friday: finish unit 3 scavenger hunt and go to the library for check out!